©malina cailean

When I started painting on the abandoned canvases I had an uncomfortable feeling of doing something wrong, a bit like burning a book, throwing photographs or dismantling an old camera. I was covering up someone else's paintings and by so doing I was deliberately reintegrating them as currency. I made this series of paintings for an installation at the City Museum in Goteborg, Sweden. I was thinking about the museum, it's role of preservation but at the same time alienation from context. The museum becomes a golden cage for exotic objects. To what extent should we trust what enters the museum? What is the truth? Can mistakes be committed and can mistakes snick in? The original painting appears through the bars of the new painted cage. It is hard to decipher what was painted underneath and closer you get, less you see it. At the right distance it reveals itself to you but it's history remains unknown, and rewritten by my overlapping brushstrokes.